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21 Mai 2016
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I read your post and wished I'd written it

21 Mai 2016
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Anonyymi:Niistä tulee kiinnostavia, lupaan!Eve:YKSI MUNA?! Huh.Anonyymi:Niin minustakin.Tinka:Joo kassiasian huomasin minäkin!Anonyymi:Eikö olekin ihmeellistä! Ja täällä ei muka ole kysynytää. On, jos olisi tarjontaa!! Ja ihmisten hinnoilla.Krpaula:Diagnosoin itse.. Alkoi niin ykskaks ja vaan mulle tuli. Söin meistä ainoana tuoreita vihanneksia edellisenä iltana libanonilaisessa raflassa. Muuten syötiin samoja ruokia. Siitä siis epäily. Alkoholia join vaan yhden drinkin verran, peruskrapula ei siis voinut olla kyseessä :)

21 Mai 2016
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Love the outfit! I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and it sure has inspired me to push my limits on mixing things up. I even ordered one of the harnesses from etsy. I just need to figure out how to wear it. At 40, I figure if I don't do it now, when will I? Thanks!

21 Mai 2016
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Za mega gram sam pametniji čitajući ovaj izvještaj. Prvo čestitam na poduhvatu i nadam se da će poslušat tvoje vrijedno hodanje i sagledat tvoju milu ideju. Živio i takav nadživio

7 Mai 2016

e topinambour est comme la pomme de terre, ne peut pas le trouver facilement, mais il est très bon, j'aime le poulet, la recette est dÃi©cileuse, Devrais-je acheter un tajine! bisous mon amie

7 Mai 2016
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If I wanted to be POPULAR with you all I'd need to do is to pick up Christopher's line of reasoning and post as such.If you wanted to be ACCURATE all you'd need to do is to pick up Christopher's line of reasoning and post as such.But alas, that will never, ever happen because to use a vernacular your tiny, peabrain can comprehend, your head is up your ass.

7 Mai 2016
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This is just heartbreaking, everyone. Whenever I hear that it is just a tiny minority of extremists, I think: It only takes a tiny minority of one man to blow up a bus, or run over people eating at a sidewalk cafe. I wish these people who keep chanting 'tiny minority of extremists' and be quiet.

7 Mai 2016
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Thank you so much for this! I was just (JUST) going to attempt making one of these one my own. I couldn't think of what to use as the curvy part, so I was just going to cut a piece of plastic off the edge of a large ice cream container. This tutorial will help prevent disaster! Can the cover be washed with the boning in it?[]

8 Mai 2016
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I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, "bake them a cake!"

8 Mai 2016
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Buonasera!Da quando ho modificato leggermente il nick non stiamo facendo bene, è meglio tornare alle origini, torno col 75 Ragazzi mi spiegate come si cancellano i commenti?





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